Things to consider before introducing a pet in the family

Things to consider before introducing a pet in the family

There are certain points that a pet parent should keep in mind before introducing a new pet in your family.

  1. Make sure that the puppy breed which you are about to introduce is suitable for your family surroundings and needs. Because every breed has a special character and traits.
  2. The pup which you select from the litter must be above a month or more. Make sure that the pup has taken ample of mother’s milk because this provide him the immunity in the initial stages of life against most of the diseases.
  3. The pup should be healthy and active among all the siblings.
  4. After selecting a puppy of your choice go for ‘’ snap test’’ of parvo and corona viruses.
  5. Before introducing in-home visit  a nearby vet doctor who will conduct multiple examinations of your pup to provide you finest detail about his health status
  6. After you introduce the pup into the family give a period of at least 4-5 days this helps him accommodating among  your family and surrounding before getting him vaccinated
  7. Separation from mother and new surroundings will put the pup in stress so try to keep him in good and gentle care.
  8. The pup will sleep for 14-16 hours a day and will wake up only during feeding time. Do not disturb the dog while he is sleeping.

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