Few Tips to Help Your Pup Beat the Heat

Few Tips to Help Your Pup Beat the Heat

Do’s and Don’ts

Always choose the breed wisely according to the environment in which you live in like: if you reside in hot zones of Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, etc. choose a breed with a short coat over the breed with a long coat.

Keep in mind that breeds like husky, Akita, Chowchow or any breed naturally found in colder regions are not at all fit for hot zones.

Try to keep your pet well hydrated and a supply of cold water should always be available for your pet.

Never chain them in balcony or roof specially in summers.

Never leave your dog in cars with A/C off and windows closed , because in summer due to heat entrapment inside of car becomes extremely hot which may eventually kill your pet.

Try to keep them indoors with proper ventilation.

Never take your pet for walks after 9 AM and before 7 PM in summers this may lead to heatstroke and can take the life of your pet some breeds are more prone to heatstroke like breeds with long coats, dark coats, brachiocephalic breeds( pugs, boxers, French bulldogs), heavy breeds (St. Bernard, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Labradors)

Tips to Help Your Pup Beat the Heat

  1. Add ice to your dog’s water bowl.
  2. Put a fan out where your dog can go sit in front of it if he’s feeling hot.
  3. Do not leave your dog in the car, even with the windows cracked and even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  4. Walk your dog in the morning and/or evening and avoid hot pavement so that your pet paws don’t get burned. If you’re going to walk for a while, bring a portable water bowl or bottle to keep her hydrated.
  5. If you are leaving your dog outside for longer than a few minutes, make sure he has access to shade (a dog house does not count, as it prevents air circulation) and plenty of water.
  6. Don’t muzzle your dog. She needs to pant to regulate her body heat to prevent heat stroke/death.
  7. Fill a kiddie pool with water for your dog to wade in, or you can leave a cool, wet towel for him to lie on.
  8. Go swimming! You both get exercise and stay cool.

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